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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Is this whimsical prison cell postcard the invitation?
A:No, a traditional wedding invitation will follow in September. This is a save-the-date card.
Q:Is the wedding on a boat?
A:No, it is at the Philadelphia Cruise Terminal, which is on land but close to boats.
Q:Is there anything on Sunday night?
A:No, please leave on Sunday after you check out. Maybe we'll give you breakfast if we have any money left.
Q:If I am single and I am not invited with a guest on my invitation, can I bring a guest anyway?
A:No. Uninvited guests will be made to clean the bathrooms.
Q:If there are food stations, how will I know what is on them?
A:You can use either the sense of sight or smell, or maybe we will provide a written menu.
Q:Who are you, anyway?
A:If you don't know the name Stafford or Breskman, you might know the name Hochberg or Paul. If you don't know any of those four names, maybe you shouldn't make the trip!
Q:Is there really going to be a karaoke band?
A:YES! We found a new and improved one, the Premier Super Karaoke Funtime Band ! They totally rule. Here is their song list .
Q:Is there regular wedding music too?
A:The very talented (and very reliable) Patty Cronheim Ensemble will be playing for the more formal parts of the wedding.
Q:Where did you get those AMAZING wedding rings?
A:As a matter of fact, I (Scott) made the wedding rings myself ! I took a one-on-one workshop with a very talented young metalsmith named Sam Abbay, who has recently moved to NYC from San Francisco to spread the joy of making your own custom engagement and wedding rings.

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