Scott and Hope's Wedding Page
Tentative Wedding Day Schedule*
* Subject to Change
Saturday, November 11
10:00 AM - 5:29 PMHope, Scott, and family members deal with various disasters.
5:30 PM (after sundown, so may be a few minutes after 5:30, who knows?)Ceremony begins.
6:00 PM or so Hope and Scott are married... have a cocktail!
7:00 PM Reception begins. Hope and Scott are married... gorge yourselves! NOTE: Food will be served at stations. Please wear comfortable shoes.
9:00 PM Shuttles returning to the Club Quarters Hotel begin to run. But please don't leave yet! They will run continuously until 2:00 AM.
10:30 PM Jazz band ends. People who are tired (except Scott and Hope) are officially allowed to leave.
10:45 PM Karaoke begins! Your chance to be a rock star is here. Our advice is to pick something out and start practicing in the shower now, because there will be a lot of people there. But there will also be at least 5 hours of open bar, so no excuses.
10:55 PM Some people, especially those with sensitive hearing, realize they are more tired than they had originally thought. Don't worry, the shuttles are still running.
1:30 AM After-party Number 1 is over. It sure was fun, though.
1:45 AM Originally, we thought there would be an after-party #2. But even WE might be tired by this point.

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