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Honeymoon Registry
We are planning to go to Barbados for our honeymoon. We've listed some of the things we are planning to do below. If you're of a mind to help us out, just click a link below to help us fund our absurdly expensive tastes via Paypal (you can use credit cards, and it should work just fine external link even if you don't have a PayPal account). We have used Paypal for lots of things over the years, and have found it to be extremely trustworthy (and useful!)

The Paypal pages may say Jack-in-the-Box Puzzles external link in one or two places - please ignore them, it was Scott's old company.
DescriptionWished ForStill NeedEach Gift 
Flight to Barbados
Don't leave us stranded in Philadelphia!
2 2 $250.00
Private Tour of Barbados
Apparently, this guy will take us around and pick fresh fruit for us to eat. (The fresh potato chip tour was booked.)
1 0 $125.00
Gourmet Dinner
Top-notch gourmet dining at the Terrace Restaurant at Cobbler's Cove.
2 0 $150.00
Dinner out on the town in Barbados
4 2 $75.00
Crappy dinner out on the town in Barbados
4 4 $7.50
Dinner on the Beach
Heart-shaped Table on the Beach in Barbados
1 0 $150.00
Private Limousine To/From Airport
We can't travel with the riff raff!
4 0 $15.00
Room for a Night
Room for one night at the magnificent Crane Resort, where we'll spend our first two days.
2 1 $300.00
Upgrade to Ocean View with Private Plunge Pool
Yes, they actually have rooms with private pools. How cool is that?
2 1 $100.00
Bottle of wine in room on arrival
Help us get our honeymoon started right with a bottle of wine ready and waiting for us when we arrive at the Crane.
1 0 $40.00
Dinner for two in Zen
A delicious dinner-for-two at the beautiful Crane Resort. Hope will never fit her wedding dress again.
2 0 $75.00
In-room Massage for Two
This way, Scott doesn't have to do all the backrubs... and he even gets one himself!
2 1 $125.00
Room for a Night
Cobbler's Cove Room for a night.
4 4 $450.00
Upgrade to Honeymoon Suite
Help us upgrade to an even more lavish room with an oceanfront view.
4 3 $150.00
Flight back from Barbados
Don't leave us stranded in paradise!
2 2 $250.00
Spending Money
We'll blow every penny! That's our promise to you.
0 $25.00

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